Monday, March 5, 2012

Ohio Fun

David and I took an extended weekend and went to Ohio to visit dear friends of ours.

We were nervous how Aaden would do on the long car ride {6 hours!!!} but in true Aaden style, he did awesome. However, the rest of the weekend was a little iffy for him. Poor little guy fussed and "cried" more on Saturday alone then probably all of last month. :( I think we just got him way out of his comfort and a little off his bed time, and it created for a few rough days. {David and I learned we have to relax a little in those crazy moments. We have so few issues when he wasn't really consolable and we had no clue what to do we were a lot more stressed out which wasn't helping things.} But despite Aaden's unusual behavior, we had such a lovely visit.

Holly is a dear friend, and to be able to stay up late and chat with her about anything and everything is precious time. I miss her being close, and it was good to spend a few days like they still lived up the road. Their precious baby girl is growing growing growing. She isn't even a baby anymore!! It is amazing to see the changes in her over the years! She is polite, sweet, super smart, funny funny funny, and she LOVED Aaden!!! ;)

Thanks for letting us Watson's invade your space! We had a lovely time, and can't wait to come visit again soon!!! Your family will continue to be in our prayers. We miss you both already! See ALL THREE OF YOU this summer!!


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