Monday, January 31, 2011

11 Weeks

As I'm sitting here typing this we are getting pelted with a snow-geddon of a winter mix. The ice has started, and it takes me back to only a few years ago when the ice really did get bad. (06' I believe ... an ice storm I will never forget!) I'm thankfully curled up in our nice warm bed with my mink blanket wrapped around me, and a nice large mug of chicken noodle soup! YUM!!!!

Here is the view from our bedroom window looking onto our patio. If you look closely you can see the ice forming on the table.

Not fun stuff!! Hoping it moves out quickly!!!!

I am 11 weeks today. YAHOO! Can hardly believe it, and yet I'm so very ready for 13 weeks and hopefully a cure to this never ending sickness. The latest development is that I have added not sleeping to the mix as the last few nights I have only gotten a few hours. I took some tylenol pm the doctor recommended and while I still woke up in the night, I fell back asleep quicker, so that is something I am willing to accept!!!!

This last weekend we went to a Baby & Kids Expo at the Fair Grounds here in Belleville. We didn't know what to expect and we were slightly disappointed. Most of the vendors were food oriented, but Grandma & Grandpa Holschen did buy a few adorable books for Baby W!!!! So I suppose the whole thing wasn't a waste!! *I can't seem to fnd where I put the books but I will take a few pictures when I do*

We also got a card in the mail congratulating us about Baby W from family friends The Haverkamps. 

The card was so thoughtful and meant sooo much to us. Thanks Michaek, Kim, Katie, & Natalie for thinking about us!!!!

On Sunday I was given the most beautiful flowers from my parents!! They made me so very happy! Thank you Mom & Dad very very much, they are beautiful & brighten up our living room.

The vase is very special to me as it was purchased by my honey on our wedding honeymoon at a handcrafted store in St. Charles. It is even more beautiful in person. The photos don't really do it justice.

 I will back in  few days with stats ;)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

10 1/2 Weeks

Can hardly believe I am at 10 1/2 weeks. As slow as the time feels like it is going week to week, when I think back over it all, it has gone FAST, FAST, FAST!

For now my prayers are that I really really will be feeling better in just a few weeks. :) FINGERS CROSSED!!!

I bought some sweat pants this week thanks to a gift card for Christmas. My pants buttoned okay in the morning, but by the end of the day I was really feeling the baby bloat. :) That is about all that is really new ...

How far along? 10 1/2 weeks 

Cravings: Not much this week ... not keeping much down
Biggest Moment: Bought some sweat pants!
Movements: None yet. 
What I'm looking forward to: Learning more about making my own baby food
Baby's Milestones: Baby W critical organ system development is over. In the next few weeks baby will grow very rapidly and double in size by next week. On babies head the ears are moving to the side of the head, and the reproductive organs are becoming more distinguished.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Cotton Babies

After a lot of debating, and looking, and tutorial watching, David and I have decided to cloth diaper Baby W. We LOVE the economical aspect of it, and enjoy having the option to help the environment in the process.

After asking lots of questions to everyone who would listen, and feeling even more confused about all our options we learned of a store local to St. Louis called Cotton Babies. We were told the staff is very knowledgeable and that they have all kinds of cloth diaper brands you can actually hold and touch.

SO ... long story short I learned of a GRAND OPENING of a cotton babies store in West County. They were giving away cloth diapers to the first 100 guests. As soon as I heard, I knew I HAD to get the freebies! :) I convinced David, Mom & Dad to go with me because of course 4 free diapers is better then just one.

We got up early, drove 45 minutes to the store, and waited an hour in the cold!!!!! Crazy? Maybe. Worth it? TOTALLY!!!!

David with Mom & Dad waiting for the store to open :)

That is me under all that! :)

The store was crazy crowded, but we still found time to talk to a really really super awesome sales associate who explained seriously everything I ever wanted to know about poo, diaper pails, travel bags, and diaper sprayers. ;) 

Is it weird I enjoyed every minute of it????


Lots of fun colors, and if we had purchased these it would of been $71.80!!!!!!!!!

I do love a bargain!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

171 Beats Per Minute

Yesterday was one of the most amazing days of my life!!!

I had a whirlwind of emotions & simply am astounded by how God continues to bless us. There really are few words that can express how it feels to watch a life growing inside you on a screen. It is humbling, scary, exciting, beautiful, terrifying, and amazing all in one breath!!!!!

David and I had our very first ultra-sound yesterday with a new doctor we had never met. There were a few bumps in the road, like showing up to St. Anthony's hospital when we thought we were going to St. John's, {LOL ... long story!} but overall God answered all our prayers.

Doctor Campbell was beyond our expectations. Kind, funny, sweet, and very very very likable. She spent all the time with us we needed, and never made me feel uncomfortable or like our questions were silly. I truly look forward to getting to know her further as time progresses. WHAT AN ANSWER TO PRAYER!!!

the sweet little card they gave us ...

Baby W!!!!!

You can see the brain well in this picture, and as you can imagine Daddy is proud!!!! :)

arms and legs oh my goodness!!!!

Mommy and Daddy love you so much already!!!!!

Some of you may know that our families have been really giving us a hard time about David and I having twins or triplets. Well, we are VERY excited & thankful to say ... only one baby! :)

Watching this life we created on the screen was amazing. This whole having a baby thing became very real very fast, LOL. I can't put into words the love I have already.  David and I were both in awe. Just crying and smiling and praising our God above. Baby W is healthy with a strong heart beat at 171 beats per minute and is about 3 inches long. I was predicting we were 9 weeks, but baby is measuring 10 weeks.

Dr. Campbell is going to for now keep our due date at August 22, but at our next ultra sound could decide to bump us up to the 16th if baby is still ahead of schedule. How exciting. {I would be lying if I didn't think oh my goodness perhaps all-day sickness will be over even sooner praise you God!!!!!} :)

a fun video we shot after the appointment at McDonalds for french fries!!!

My 9 week Picture
{yep, nothing much to look at, where is this baby hiding???? ;)}


How far along? 9 weeks 

Cravings: French Fries & Cinnamon Crunch Bagels with Hazelnut Cream Cheese from Bread Company. :) {but not at the same time ... }
Biggest Moment: Getting to see Baby W for the first time, and hearing the heartbeat!!!
Movements: None yet. My stomach sometimes feels like it is pulling or stretching...
What I'm looking forward to: SHOPPING!!!!!! Mom & I are going to learn how to make cloth diapers and I of course need fabric to make them adorable! ;)
Baby's Milestones: All of sweet baby w's vital organs have formed, and are beginning to function. He or she is growing tiny nails on the fingers and toes and also teeth are developing {and hopefully straight to save mommy & daddy on braces later ;)}.

*** I stole the idea of keeping stats from a dear friend who is 36 weeks preggo and adorable. Her blog is divine, and I love how simple these stats making checking up on her. I hope you all find them as user friendly as I do, but mostly, thank you Danielle for the inspiration. :) ***

Thursday, January 13, 2011

On the Up & Up

Baby W and I have had a rough few weeks. Despite being absolutely happy as a clam {not I am uber cranky, LOL, so sorry honey} I have had terrible terrible nauseous spells. I wasn't able to even keep down water of all things, and I was getting rather nervous about dehydration.

So yesterday morning I called my doctor just to make sure. Better safe then sorry right.

Well, the doctor was concerned about dehydration too and wrote me a prescription. It tastes HORRIBLE, but yesterday was the first day in almost two weeks I didn't throw up. YAHOO!!!!! In conjunction with the prescription I also have been put on the BLAND diet of rice, applesauce, bread, crackers, lemon drops, and bananas for two days. While I'm feeling better with the prescription I'm suppose to really be focusing on getting liquids in me.

So, here is hoping the prescription continues to make things go smoothly the next few weeks. :)

On another note ...

Our sweet Baby got his or her first package in the mail the other day from Aunt Suzy & Uncle Justin in Springfield. Suzy is my very best friend who I met in college, but we are really separated sisters from birth. ;) They are actually expecting their first baby exactly one month ahead of us. SOOO COOL!

David very excited!!

even Harley was curious what was in the package ...

They had it stuffed full of goodies!!!

such a sweet thought!

such a darling bib!

Can hardly believe I'm going to be a mommy!!!!

Thank you sweet friends!
You made our day!!!!!!
We love you so!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2 months

Well, we have officially been pregnant for 2 months. Can hardly believe it. In exactly one week we will be at our very first doctors appointment for an ultra-sound. I am so beyond excited to hear this sweet babies heartbeat and see how he or she is developing. I wish it were today already!!!!!!!!!

Turns out, David had a snowday today. WHOO HOO! So, he mad me a wonderful breakfast in bed. I wish I could explain how wonderful he has been these last few weeks. I appreciate him so much, and he doesn't hear it nearly enough.

I love you sweet Hubs!!!

David's delicious french toast breakfast.

even Harley wants it. ;)

yum yum yum!

I have been bad about getting any "belly pictures." I promise you can't see a thing right now except my normal belly. LOL Not quite sure how I'm going to take the photos ... not real comfortable with that yet. I will try and get over my self-consciousness about it soon.

Monday, January 10, 2011

8 week Dreams

I had a dream last night that I can honestly say I've never had in my life! I woke up laughing so hard I could hardly stand it.

Hopefully you all will enjoy this as much as me. ;) The dream went something like this ...

David and I were sitting in our bedroom on the bed together just laughing and talking. I was much much further in my pregnancy then I am now because I had a prominent bump. David looked at me and said, "Do you think it is possible to have an ugly baby?"

I laughed and said something to the effect of "Well, I think there are especially cute babies, and then babies that won't be in huggies commercials, but why would you be thinking such a thing??"

David said "I don't know ... just, what if we have an ugly baby? Would you give it back?" The question was immediately followed by both of us laughing and giggling.

My response to his question was ... "We wouldn't know if it was an ugly baby or not." to which David replied, "of course we would know." Then we went back and forth for some time, "we wouldn't know" "yes we would" etc etc etc. It went on like this for several minutes laughing and being cute. ;)


Isn't that just hilarious!!!

Seriously, YOU WOULDN'T KNOW!!!! After all the time spent getting pregnant, the morning sickness (going through this now!!), nine months of worry for something you instantly fall in love with the second it said positive on the stick ... I truly believe we wouldn't know ... You wouldn't even care ...

I think I would live in bliss loving my ugly baby non-the-wiser ... yet Hubs and I still giggled and argued over it. hehe

So the question is ... "Is there such a thing as an ugly baby???"

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Part Two: Getting the Word Out!

We had told the Watson's on Thursday, and they had a very tough job not being able to tell anyone for two whole days. David and I were very very thankful for their closed lips!!!!


So, Christmas morning was when we decided to tell my family. It was the hardest thing keeping it a secret Christmas Eve when we met up with my whole extended family. David and I both wanted to shout it, but figured my parents would appreciate a private moment.

We went over to my parents house early Christmas morning. Our plan was to leave the packages in the car, and after all the other gifts were opened I would ask David "Did we forget the other present at home?' and he would say, "Gosh, I hope not, let me check the car." LOL

David went to get the packages and we passed them out ...

Mom, Dad, and Jess opened at the same time, and immediately screaming commenced and "NO WAY, NO WAY" Dad started crying, Mom was crying, I was crying. It was a very very very special moment.

THEN, Mom started screaming "I GOTTA CALL SOMEONE, CAN I CALL SOMEONE???" David and I laughed and told her yes, she ran to the phone to call her best friend. It was a priceless family moment I will never forget. :)

It was really exciting we got to tell Jessica in person!

Grandpa's Napping Buddy :)

My Mom was sooooooo adorably excited!

Next was writing it on facebook. Who would of thought telling the world would consist of writing on a wall, but it was the most fun!!!

David wrote: "wishes everyone a VERY Merry Christmas! I'm also proud to announce that my wife and I are expecting our FIRST child!! :-)"

I wrote: "David & I are so excited to announce WE ARE PREGNANT!!!!!!!!! We are about 6 weeks and very very excited!!!!!!!!!!"

Grandma Zonetta wrote: "I AM GOING TO BE A GRANDMA!!!!!!!!"

Grandma Zonetta wrote later in the day: "Just in case anyone didnt see my post from earlier......I AM GOING TO BE A GRANDMA!!!!!"

Grandma Jim wrote: "I'm going to be a grandpa. Woo-hoo. The greatest gift was born over 2000 years ago. Now I am going to receive the second greatest gift possible. I am so blessed. Im happy, joyful, excited. Great anticapation.Wow just like back then when they were waiting for the Messiah."

Aunt Jessica wrote: "Greatest christmas ever! My sister.and brother are expecting! CONGRATS CHRISSY AND DAVID WATSON!"

Uncle Michael Wrote: "found out the other day that.... I'M GOING TO BE AN UNCLE!!!!!! :D :D"

I think it is safe to say Growing Baby Watson is already VERY VERY loved!!!!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Part One: Getting the Word Out!!

Well, David and I officially had the biggest secret of our lives growing in my belly. We wanted to SHOUT it from the rooftops, and the next week and a half was the hardest!

We spent a lot of time laughing and planning and crying together. We couldn't believe the miracle God has given us, and felt so blessed to be wearing the shoes he had provided us. A family of 3!!!! {or a least we think just one baby is growing} One minute we were overjoyed with excitement and the next minute going through the laundry list of things we needed to accomplish in the next 8 months.

The first big step was deciding on how to tell our parents. Both sets are so wonderfully helpful to us, and we couldn't wait to share the new with them. Since Christmas was fast approaching (a week and a half away) we decided to share the new with them then. What a fun gift to open!!!!

We told David's parents first. We wrapped a cute little onesie for Grandma Penny, a Grandpa bib for Dave, and an I love my uncle picture frame for Michael!!!! David handed them the bags, and I got my camera ready!!!! :)

David holding the packages ...

Before they opened them ...

Grandpa Dave is very confused ...
Grandma Penny needs to turn hers around ...
Michael gets it!!!

Still trying the understand ...

They thought we had bought them something for our dog Harley. hehe. But it didn't take too long before Grandpa Dave asked "Are you with child??" David and I couldn't stop our big huge massive grins from crossing our faces!!!

We shook our heads YES, and there was an immediate outpouring of love with shrills and jumps. Everyone came hugging us, and we were so overjoyed with excitement and love words cannot express it.

THEN, David & I literally threatened them with their lives if they spoke a word about this to anyone until we let my parents & sister in on the surprise. :) 

Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Rumors Are True!!!

Yes, the rumors are true!!!
David and I are expecting our first baby!!!!!!!!!!

About 4 weeks ago now, MAN TIME FLIES, I was just not feeling myself. I was having a lot of normal symptoms of a period, but I hadn't started. After debating taking the pregnancy test over and over, I finally took it, AND ...


Now my sweet husband had already knocked on the door once checking to make sure I was okay. {I guess I had been in there awhile, LOL}. I have always dreamed of how I was going to tell him when we found out, and I wish now I had some elaborate story to tell you, hehe. Instead without a second thought I flung the door open, and apparently I was white as a ghost because my sweet David sat up from the couch and walked over to me asking "Are you all right?"

I was just fine! Thrilled, ecstatic, oh my goodness oh my goodness. I flung to his arms crying and then showed him the test. We both just stayed in each others arms laughing and crying and in total shock.

What a blessing God has given us!
What a blessing!!!

** I realize I am a few posts behind since well, this was about 4 weeks along, and now I am 7. So, I will update you quickly on the last few weeks to get caught up quickly. ;) **