Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Park Play

The Park in January?
Yep, you betcha!!! It was a little chillier then yesterday, but still the perfect day to get out and about and enjoy time outside.

SO, I took Aaden to the park for the very first time. We missed Daddy, but Aaden had so much fun, and could of stayed all day if I would of let him. He LOVED smiling at all the other kids, and of course flirting with the other Mammas who coo and caah about how adorable he is. ;)

The swings were the BIG hit, but he enjoyed rolling on the trampoline walk-way, playing on the tires, and laying in the soft wood pieces watching the ducks. Seriously, I can't wait to go again!!!! Hopefully we won't have to wait until Spring.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Choo Choo

All aboard the alphabet train!
Aaden got an absolutely amazing rideable train for Christmas. It has lights and sounds and sings, place to hide things, and you can ride on it or walk it. It is very very cool.

While he is still a little too small to enjoy it in all its greatness ... he certainly is fascinated by it!!

Aqua & Red

I love how Aaden's blue eyes pop out on red backgrounds. :)
And it doesn't hurt that aqua and red are one of my very very favorite combinations in the design world.

He truly has changed my world.

How can one ever get enough of his pure adorableness???

I know, I suppose I'm bias.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Laundry Day

Aaden has learned laundry day in the Watson House means LOADS {yes, that was intentional! Laugh, you know you what to!} of fun!!! Because our washer and dryer are in the garage sorting clothes usually ends up in piles down our hallway. Aaden thinks this is the most brilliant plan EVER and could seriously spend all day rolling, laying, and playing.

I sure do love that baby boy!

I sure am enjoying ever single moment on being home with him!
The best blessing ever!

Friday, January 20, 2012

I'm 5 Months Old!!!

I'm 5 months old today!
I still love rolling. Lately I have been trying to crawl!
I love raspberries on my cheeks, and being lifted high into the air.
I love peek-a-boo in my crib, and when mommy sings "You are my sunshine" to me I can't stop smiling.
Food is the bees knees, and I can't pick a favorite I love so many things ... BUT don't even think about giving my avocados ... those things are gross!!!!
My swing has become a new favie, and I squeal whenever I'm in it!
Harley is my best friend, and I love his kisses on the hands when I wake up, in the morning especially.
I love love love playing train with Daddy, and when he comes home from work I'm all smiles!
Elmo is awesome, and I watch him a lot thanks to Mommy and youtube.
I'm still teething, and although I'm sure it is so close to popping through, it hasn't just yet. I don't think it will be too much longer!

Mostly I am smiley, happy, playful, and the sweetest baby ever.
This whole life thing isn't so bad! 


This suitcase is my Great Great Grandfather Leo's!
It is fun playing in it, and it makes Mommy smile to see me in it! I bet he is smiling from heaven too!

Yep, I'm sporting suspenders ;)