Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Wrap Up

Halloween this year has been AWESOME!

I had a BLAST making our costumes ... even if they didn't turn out exactly like I expected, or took me way to much time to create. ;)

up late burning the midnight oil!


The hat I made Aaden completely from scratch.
This is the third one.

Attempt #1 was too small
Attempt #2 was way way way too big
Attempt #3 was still a little big, but worked fine with a little safety pin help.

wink wink


This afternoon we had a VERY special delivery.
I was getting Aaden's coat on to leave the house to meet my cousin for lunch, and the door bell rang.

You can imagine my surprise when I opened the door to find ...

Aaden absolutely LOVES the balloons!
He doesn't realize yet that the inside is full of his very favorite things ... FRUIT!!!!!

To Aaden & Olivia

Happy Halloween to the best nephew and soon to be niece. I love you and Miss you!
Love Aunt Jessie!

What an awesome surprise! Thank you so much for thinking of us and sending such an amazing present. WE LOVE YOU! Can't wait to see you!


Halloween night was a success.
Like usual we met up at Nana & Grandad's house and enjoyed chili and hotdogs, good family, good friends, lots of trick or treating, and LOTS of laughing!

Like last year we dressed up as a family ... it is just TOO MUCH FUN NOT TO!


My Most Handsome Mickey Mouse!!!!

My most favorite Pluto Doggy!

Mickey & Pluto -- Buddies for Life!

Enjoying the wagon ride.

Mickey pulling Pluto

Pluto and Minnie Mouse

Our amazing family.
What a blessing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Halloween Breakfast

Ghost Pancakes were a BIG HIT this morning!
Happy Halloween Everyone!!!


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Todays Entertainment ...

I'm always looking for ways to keep Aaden happy and entertained while I get things done around the house. We are having Gma and Gpa over for dinner tonight, so I needed a good 20 minutes for cutting and coring apples and slicing onions, etc.

So after lunch I dumped flour on his highchair tray and gave him a couple of his cars.


Sweetie boy totally played and had a complete blast for newly 42 minutes!

I not only got dinner prepped, but I did a load of dishes, cleaned the kitchen table, and still had enough time to sit and play with him.

I sure do love that little man!

and a sweet little video to enjoy!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Pumpkin Pickin' & Paintin'

On Saturday we took Aaden to the pumpkin patch with Gpa & Gma and Nana & Grandad.
We rode the wagon out to the patch, walked around searching for the perfect pumpkin, and of course Aaden found the perfect family one.


Grandad actually found the perfect Aaden size pumpkin.

I want this one Mom!

Little Packer Cutie!!

looking at all the gourds. 
They had them stacked up in a wagon out in the field. 

Perfect Photo Opportunity

With our family pumpkin, Aaden's pumpkin, and our darling boy pumpkin.


So tonight, after David's School Seminar we let Aaden paint his pumpkin so we can put it on the front porch tomorrow.

I made the paint {easy peasy!} to ensure if he decided he wanted to eat it ... well he could!
Using the muffin tin worked out perfectly!

Aaden really really liked just mixing the colors and mixing them together at first.

starting to paint on the pumpkin a little

getting a spoon involved.

quite the talented pumpkin artist!!!

 The final masterpiece!!!

What fun!
Hubs said it was "stupid" ... but Aaden liked it, and Mommy had fun!!!!

That is all that matters right?

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Aaden helping paint Livi's room!

Today was the BIG BIG BIG MAJOR transformation in Olivia's room. Oh my goodness it is the coolest cutest room I have ever seen! I am absolutely in love with it, and it isn't even finished yet. :)

Totally doesn't matter, seeing it makes me a little weepy.
For real. 
It means what I've always wanted is coming true before my eyes!!!!

An amazing God-fearing Husband who treats me like a queen even when I don't deserve it, cute little yorkie puppy, amazing bright little man, and growing healthy baby girl.

I cannot believe all my blessings.
Thank you Lord, I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!


Part of the MAJOR transformation in Livi's room involved a little more paint.
My favorite part, letting Aaden have at it.

We gave the little man a brush, and in true artistic style, he went for it!
Painted the wall some, his head, the drop cloth, his stomach, his hands, and even a little on Nana.
His face was priceless, so proud of himself. I hated covering it up ... but cover it we did ...


I needed a few pictures first!!!

Oh my sweet boy, you are truly amazing.
Thank you for helping us in your sister's room. Someday when she sees all the pictures I took she will know her room has been a labor of love for all involved.

Of course after painting we must have an unexpected afternoon bath.



What an amazing day.
Thank you family for all your hard work.