Friday, August 31, 2012

Losing my Mind

I am losing my mind ... and everything else I own.
I seriously lose SOMETHING everyday. My keys, a drink, my shoes ... it is insanely ridiculous. While I know I'm a bit of a lose cannon some days, not like lately.

My most recent tragic loss my photo uploader.
No clue what I did with it. SIGH. I hope it shows up sometime soon.

I wonder if Aaden took off with it .... hmmmm. {LOL}

In the meantime, while I search for the only way I have to upload photos, here are a few cute ones from my camera phone the last couple of days.

Yep, that is how I roll ... start em out young!


Aaden's favorite thing to do ... play in the dog food.
He finally doesn't try and eat it {WHOO HOO} now he just puts the dry pieces into the water and splashes around. SIGH

Sushi lunch date with me
Not the most flattering picture, but I caught him in mid motion signing more

No, he didn't have any raw sushi, just some tofu soup, seaweed pieces and lots sticky rice and avocado pieces. Give it a year, he will LOVE it! ;)

Monday, August 20, 2012

Happy Happy Birthday!!!

To our precious, darling boy Aaden James:

Oh how much you have grown in a years time! You have gone from a precious baby, to rolling over, squealing, smiling, crawling, laughing, pulling up, speaking little words, and now almost walking alone. HOLY COW!! We cannot believe what an amazing, sweet, inquisitive, loving, and funny boy you are already.

Daddy and Mommy are so so so very proud of you!!!!
A Walk Down Memory Lane: A Year In Review