Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Livi Update!!!!

David and I are soooo very excited to announce that most likely our precious Olivia Grace will enter into the world on Monday December 17th! This is conditional to an amnio test {where they verify her lung capacity etc.} that the doctor believes will come back that she is VERY READY to enter into the world.

We are without a doubt giddy with excitement!!!

After all the crazy ... we simply cannot wait to hold our precious daughter in our arms! How lucky we are to have one amazing little dude and soon enough our sweet Livi.

I think she looks like Aaden.
I love those sweet chubby cheeks!!!!!

So, shopping is 99% done.
All I have left is to wrap, paint, cook, print, ship, clean, and 800 other things.


eh, doesn't matter, COME LIVI COME!!!!!!!!!!

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