Monday, January 2, 2012


Harley is such a good puppy.
He has adjusted to Aaden with flying colors. My favorite time is when we come home and he races to give me kisses, then Daddy, then Aaden in his carseat. I'm so happy they are becoming fast friends. :)

BUT ...

The one person Harley HATES and I MEAN HATES sharing time with Aaden is with Grandad. They are the best of buddies, but Harley thinks he should have Grandad entirely to himself.

This afternoon, Aaden fell asleep on Grandad and Harley nonchalantly came over and put his face right in front of Grandads. He wanted him to pay attention to him. It was really really adorably sweet in an abnoxious dog kind of way. hahaha

We sure do LOVE OUR HARLEY! He is our furbaby, and days without him would sure be boring. Thank you Lord for such a special dog to love on!

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