Friday, May 6, 2011

Michigan Family

I can't believe I let a week go by without doing this post!!!

It is Grandma Holschen's fault ... she is hoarding on the pictures. LOL

Last weekend my Great Aunt and Uncle from Michigan came down for a weekend visit. It was unexpected {as they have not been able to come down for some time} and yet it was the best news ever!!! We didn't do a lot of "things" ... just mostly spent a lot of time talking! My Grandma Benson {who some of you may know} has Alzheimer's. We were a little worried if she would recognize them, but she really seemed to.

My Grandma seemed to be in her happy place all weekend, and that makes me thrilled!!!! :)

Uncle Milton is my Grandpa Benson's Brother. He has a special sweetness about him, and it makes me wonder if my Grandpa {who I never got the privilege to meet} was as kind, caring, and loving as he is.

When I was a little girl we spent a lot of time in Michigan. :) At least one week every single summer. I have fond memories of playing on their farm! Riding four-wheelers, milking cattle, bailing hail, taking my first driving lesson, riding the tractor, canoeing, float trips ... this is only the beginning.

I hope and pray that Aaden will be able to spend some time up north as well! I know he would absolutely love the people, and all the memories!

Thanks for coming to visit! Can't wait until the next time!!!! :)
Also, thanks so much for the bouncy seat, cute outfits and books. We can't wait to use the items and smile thinking of you!!!

{more photos to post as soon as Grandma Holschen gets on the ball ... lol}


  1. Grandma HolschenMay 6, 2011 at 11:09 AM

    Hey not nice!!!!

    It really was nice to have them come down. Gma Benson seemed to really enjoy it.

  2. I love you!!!!! :)
    It was wonderful having them down!!!!