Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Best Friends

It is WONDERFUL having a pregnant buddy.
It is even more special when it is my best friend in the whole world.

It is special having someone to talk to about everything from stretch marks {or the non-existance of them}, pediatricians, birth plans, etc etc etc.

Suzy my very best girlfriend and I planned two whole days of no husbands full of shopping, eating, talking, sewing, and well, more eating. ;)

We shopped, and oh did we! {Suzy's was a wonderful maternity shirt!}

<3 this photo AND Suzy's new shirt!!!!! :)

We ate, and oh boy did we!

yummy taco dip ... yep, we finished it all!!! ;)

Fruity Land design your own yogurt.

I would be lying if I didn't say there was also soda, pizza, and a ton of oreo cookies involved ...

We sewed ... and man oh man do we have skills!!!! hehehee

a sneak peak at the mobile I am creating for Baby A {with LOTS of help from Suz} & at the sweet owl family Suz is creating. :)

the new pillows for my living room!!!!!

stuffing an elephant!

sewing away!!!!

the whole Cook family!!

J {blue} + Suz {pink}
= Kaiya {purple}

Life is so precious.
I pray to the great Lord above Kaiya and Aaden can be as good of friends as Suz and I are. May the Lord bless them as they grow and allow them to accept the Lord as their personal Savior as soon as they understand.



  1. Your last statement so touched my heart. I add my prayer in agreement with your's.

    Anita Cook- Kaiya's grandmother (Justin's mom)

  2. Thank you Grandma Anita!!!! :)
    We love you!