Thursday, April 28, 2011

23 1/2 weeks

Not too much to update! Which I suppose is a good thing!!!
Aaden is moving tons and tons, and Daddy has had a chance to feel him. :) Both Grandmas have tried, but he is either stubborn or shy. He almost immediately stops when they try.

I having lots of back pain, but consider myself so blessed. 

My baby bump is prominent these days, and people are so sweet. :) A kind lady at the post office decided she wanted to rub  my belly. LOL It was the most ackward thing I believe that has ever happened to me {okay, that is an exaggeration} ... it is amazing the joy people get on there faces when they see a pregnant lady. It ALMOST makes the unwanted pats worth it. LOL

I had big plans of getting a family photo at Easter while Hubs and I were all dress up, but pregnancy brain got the best of me. We didn't get a single photo. BOO! Oh well ... next year I bet we will have a million of Aaden's first Easter!!!

SO, instead a "done up" me, you get fresh out of the shower me. :)

This photo doesn't quite do my belly justice. {LOL}
I feel like it is even bigger in person!!!!

Comment on Easter : "You are sure looking pregnant these days" {LOL}

It would be totally selfish of me to write this post without acknowledging their are people in my life hurting tonight. So know, you are in my prayers. :) {you know who you are}

How far along? 23 1/2 weeks 

Cravings: PICKLES!!!! fried, sweet, spears, gherkin ... emmm, give me them all!!!!
Biggest Moment: feeling the "bumps" in my belly ... maybe his head or head beginning to poke through. You couldn't see anything, just feel it
Movements: lots and lots!!! Daddy can feel them now too! I even lately have been feeling double-kicks like his arms and legs are going at the same time ... unbelievable
What I'm looking forward to: Grandma Holschen going with me and hearing Aaden's heartbeat at my doctors appointment ;) AND finally seeing Aaden's movements on the outside of my belly :)
Baby's Milestones: Your baby is robably quite active by now and you should be able to feel movement or kicks in your belly. Overall baby is now more roportioned from head size to the rest of the body and is looking more and more like a newborn!!

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