Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Great Grandma Nomalee

Oh what a gift it is to go and visit grandma and see her in a good mood. She was laughing and smiling and playing with Aaden. I loved it!!!! Aaden loved it too!!!!

When she saw us her face lit up to Christmas Tree status. It was heartwarming. When she saw Aaden she asked ... "Aen" right!?! It was sooo close. I squeezed her extra tight and kissed her sweet head a few extra times tonight. Time is so precious. I literally could of stayed there all night ... I simply didn't want to leave. She was in good spirits which makes my heart warm. I miss the "good ole' days! I really really do.

Gracious Heavenly Father, you are all knowing. Thank you for your provision even amongst the darkest hour. Please watch over my precious Grandma. For she is a gem who spent all her "good brain years" worshipping your name. I long for the day when I enter your pearly gates and see her smiling face and carry on a conversation with her again. Oh what a celebration that will be. Thank you for so many wonderful wonderful memories of her. Thank you for allowing her to bless my life in so many ways. May you keep her in your arms all the days of her life for it is there I too find comfort. I love you Lord.

We love you Grandma.

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