Monday, February 13, 2012

Jump Jump Jump

I really really really wanted to get a jumperoo for Aaden. BUT truth be told, they are around $100 and quite large. I have seen the over-the-door versions, but couldn't seem to find them to purchase in store, and didn't really feel like paying the $15.00 shipping fee.

Someone from facebook {thanks Sara!} suggested we check out a local children's consignment store. Sure enough they had some! I was so stooked! I bought a $40 jumper for $6.50. It is in perfect shape ... and a pretty darn good buy if I do say so myself.

Does Aaden like it?? Well, watch and see ;)

It has been fun watching him learn how to use it. The first few days he just sat in it and turned in circles and smiled. Adorable ... but not the purpose.

David and I were elated we he figured out how to jump AND enjoyed it. 
Such a doll that boy of ours!

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