Monday, April 2, 2012

Surprise Steaks

Hubs was late coming home today. Really late. Normally it isn't a big deal, but today was ONE OF THOSE DAYS. You know what I'm referring to right? The kind of day where you sit on the couch counting down the minutes until you hear the door knob turn and another human is around to help.

Except his normal time to come home came and went and I was not a very happy Mama.
When he finally arrived home I couldn't be angry. A yummy steak and potato surprise! YUMMO!!!!

Cooked to perfection.
Incredibly juicy and delicious!

and something that doesn't happen too often these days ... we got to enjoy the meal together because sweetie boy was napping during dinner. Of course we adore our Aaden, but sometimes having some uninterrupted adult time while enjoying a meal is much needed!!!

I couldn't help snapping a photo of our cutie though.

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