Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Little Einsteins

Back in December while picking out our family Christmas Tree David taught Aaden a simple word that has been pure genius for us. 


As some of you know, Christmas Trees can be prickly and if you aren't careful their needles can hurt. Aaden was so curious about the trees he wanted to run up and hug every one of them. David instead told him to "pat" the tree. Seriously, it was genius!

He now understands that pat means gentle. He goes around asking to "pat" everything and it is pretty darn adorable. It makes my heart melt!

As mentioned before Aaden LOVES the Disney Junior Show Little Einsteins. He would happily sit in front of the tv all day in a total trance if I'd let him. 
So, watch this video and see if you notice our favorite word.


Love this boy!

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