Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Modge Podge

Here is a modge podge of photos from the last week or so of both my little mister and miss. They are both growing growing growing! Tomorrow we ALREADY have our 6 week appointment for Livia. Holy Moly.

Hope you Enjoy!

Sporting one of the clips I made. :)

Mister Aaden loves his baths.
He has absolutely NO FEAR!

Just a quick shot of Livi in a headband I bought her for Valentine's Day.
I wanted to make sure it fit though


A Friday Night at Chuck E Cheese
with Nana & Grandad

Precious Livi Love wearing her new hat and bow from the craft fair.
She absolutely hates it BUT it is absolutely adorable on her ... so she will continue to wear it until she gets use to it.

I'm a mean mom.

What a precious life I lead.
In love with these faces ... I could eat them up!

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