Friday, July 13, 2012

Bad Mommy

I have been such a bad blogging mommy when it comes to the updates happening in the Watson house outside of Mr. A. Believe it or not {gulp!} there are other things happening in our lives too.

The biggest and most exciting is WE ARE HAVING ANOTHER BABY!!!!!

I know, most of you know this already, but it seems important to write it down and express how truly grateful, excited, anxious, and utterly nervous we are! None the less Watson Baby #2 is loved beyond words, and Mommy and Daddy can hardly believe we are in the second trimester and awaiting our precious bundles birth.

As many of you know Aaden was born via c-section so Baby #2 will be as well. The best part about knowing, is planning! Sweet Babys birthday will be December 31 unless he/she decides to change it on  their own. David and I know this is New Years and we figure he/she will either love it or hate it ... but it is what it is. What an adventure!!!! HOLD ON! :)

SO, I'm 15 weeks already!!!

Time is flying. That is in part because we didn't find out we were pregnant until I was already 12 weeks! I know, it was a shock to us too!! LOL But things are perfect. Baby is growing exactly as he/she should be. This week baby is the size of an apple!!!! I hate apples ... usually but this pregnancy has been different for me craving wise. I'm eating things I NEVER EVER thought I would be eating. Apples ... yep 1 day. The more tart the apple the better. I HATE lemons, but I can't get enough lemonade! Seriously I'm drinking it by the buckets! {SO FUNNY!} I normally don't eat egg rolls, but lately they are to die for! I even for the first time in my life have a craving for Pancakes. I think besides peanut butter it is the grossest thing in the world to me. But right now at 9:45pm I would do ANYTHING for a bowl {with syrup!!!} I'm drooling thinking about it. Crazy I tell you!

SO ... does this mean a girl?

One can hope!

No, the truth is I don't care if you are a boy or girl sweet growing baby ... just be healthy! Know that you are wanted, loved, and so so special.

Mommy and Daddy Love You Already!!!

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