Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Michigan 2012

I love traveling to Michigan! 
It is full of beautiful nature, wonderful childhood memories, and lots and lots of family!!!
Sharing pieces of it with my husband and son are priceless.

Tons of photos ... enjoy!

Getting to know Tucker


Look at those eyes!! 

Enjoying all the animals on the Amish farm.
Aaden got to see the baby calf, chickens, goats and sheep.

fun fun fun

I remember riding the tractors when I was little on Uncle Milton's farm. It was happy and fun and special! To watch Aaden enjoy the ride was priceless. 

He did wear clothes on this trip, lol. This day it was cold outside and I did not bring anything warm besides his pjs. 


Aaden's favorite game

Totally adorable!!

Enjoying Lake Michigan!

My Gradpa Leo's brother Ernest

Aaden with Aunt Judy and Alyssa

Uncle Milton and Aaden

Dave with Chuck

Derek & Aunt Louise

Daddy and Aaden

Dean (Uncle Bob's brother) and Aaden

All of Grandpa Leo's Brothers & Sisters

Alex, Alyssa, & Derek

Aaden & Sharon

Playing peek a boo with Uncle Lawrence

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