Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Swansea Splash Pad

Today we had a playdate with Carrie & Lillie, and it was so much fun!!

We had a bit of a miscommunication about place {I was in Swansea and she was in O'Fallon} but once we caught up with each other our babes had a blast playing in the water!!!!

When we first got to the park, Aaden saw the water immediately, and wanted to get in it immediately!!!

Still too focused on the water to take a good photo.


playing the drums

Enjoying our picnic lunch!!!!


It took Aaden a little while to warm up to the spraying water, but once he did, LOTS and LOTS of fun and laughing. Cutest laugh ever!


waving to the water


love this photo of my babe & me

Thanks for meeting up with us Carrie & Lillie!!!!
Lets do it again soon. :)

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