Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Feeling Baby!!!

I have been rather nervous about the lack of movement from sweet baby #2. Aaden was VERY active, so to have such a laid back kiddo growing seemed very strange. But thankfully at every appointment baby is exactly as he/she should be.

Well, last night I felt the first sweet little movements. Oh what a welcome feeling. Simple sweet quiet kicks. I teared up I was so blessed to feel him/her.

Our sweet nurse friend thinks the reason she has been quieter then Aaden is because my uterus is pushed back a little. Means nothing more then I will feel baby later on in pregnancy. Seems to fit.

I suppose we will find out a little more about that at our ultra sound TOMORROW! Oh, and we will also find out what we are having!!!!!!!! YIP YIP YIPPEEE!!!!!!!


Dear Baby,

You are loved, wanted, and dreamed about and for. We cannot wait until we can start calling you by your name. We cannot wait until Daddy can feel your kicks, and we cannot wait until you are in our arms. We KNOW you are going to do such amazing things in this world, and we cannot wait to watch you grow in stature with the Lord.

We Love You SO!

Mommy & Daddy

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