Tuesday, March 29, 2011

19 weeks

The last week has been full of fun and adventure!

I am officially officially feeling the sweet little twitches of baby W. They are amazing and strange and more amazing all in one motion. I can't wait for David to be able to experience it.

I bought my first maternity clothes. :) A pair of jeans {that if I do say so, ROCK, and I may wear them once I'm not pregnant ;)} and two cute t-shirts. Knowing I'm going to have to get through St. Louis summers I am still hopeful to get a few dresses.

When I bought the clothes I was with my sweet friend Maryl. We had a lunch & shopping date, and oh my was it just what the doctor ordered. We went to Olga's in the mall and then to Motherhood Maternity. At Motherhood, they had a 3 month pillow in the dressing room. It is to make sure the sizes you buy will last throughout your whole pregnancy.

Oh man, IT WAS FUN!

This is Motherhoods prediction of my belly at 8 months. HOLY COW!

WOW! I'm not sure I'm ready for all that! LOL

This was the real belly at 18 1/2 weeks. Belly is growing, growing, and growing!!!

I haven't bought this dress yet, but I'm going back for it.
It was like wearing a t-shirt! :)

This last weekend Hubs, myself, Grandma Holschen and Grandpa Holschen went to the Moms and Me Resale at a local school. While I was hoping for a few more BIG ites, we did have some good luck at the sale.

I bought a pair of maternity shorts, and a maternity shirt.
a wood puzzle (for $1.00!!!!)
a carseat neck rest thingy
nursing pads
and I think there were even a few other things all for less then $20.00.

:) I love a good bargain!

And the biggest thing coming up ... FINDING OUT IF WE ARE HAVING A BOY OR A GIRL!!!!!
I still feel very strongly it is a girl, but we shall see. Truth is, I am SOOO excited to know! 


{and then let the shopping begin ;)}

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