Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Staining the Floors

Getting the house ready for move-in has seriously been so much fun. I have LOVED every minute of watching the progress!!! {perhaps that is also because there was a lot I couldn't do} :) Everyone was def sore after all the work they have been doing.

I am so super appreciative of everyone who has helped! The floors look amazing!!!! I can't wait to bring home Baby W to the perfect first home that we put so much love into!

The floors had A LOT of stains on them from before. Although we sanded and sanded and sanded, some of it just didn't come up. BUT, they are sooo wonderful!!!

Next is the second coat. 

Now all that is left is putting on the polyurethane coating. It will make the floor shine a little, and put some protection on it. Then, painting, a few construction projects I plan to put Grandpa Holschen up to, and then moving in.

I AM STOKED!!!!!!!

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