Monday, March 21, 2011

Vacation Part 1

If you know my husband, you know he is hot tempered, good-lookin' {wink wink}, and kind just to name a few of his amazing attributes. He is my absolute better half, and I can't imagine my life without him.

BUT ...


You don't have to be around him much to know he is a PACKERS FAN!!!!!

Not just an I like to watch on TV every now and then, but an all-out know their trivia, eat and breath packers fan.

SOOO, because I love him like I do, we took a very nice vacation together over his Spring Break to Lambeau Field and the Wisconsin Dells. This was our last vacation together just the two of us, and the time spent together was very special. :)

Here are a few highlights ...

David realizing we were very very close!

Our first view of the field after the long drive 

Lunch at Curly's Pub in Lambeau Field.

We had our first taste of Wisconsin Cheese Curds, and we really liked them!!

Got our tickets for the tour.

On the tour, this is David in the box seats.

Us on the field, it was COLD!!!

Inside the Hall of Fame with the trophies.
{45 wasn't there}

The trip was wonderful fun.
Watching my husband light up at every single corner made me so very happy. He was in his element, and being their with him was such a treat.

I will do more photos tomorrow of the rest of the trip!

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