Thursday, March 3, 2011


Hubs and I are housesitting for Grandma and Grandpa Watson right now. It is always an adventure, but while pregnant it is heightened. LOL Getting use to all the animals, new house sounds, and of course someone elses bed is never fun, but add that with pregnancy brain and life has been very interesting!

I love there sweet little fur-babies though ...

Heidi is an all-out diva mini-dauchsand and goodness she is SPOILED. She doesn't really like me, but she tolerates me if I have food, or if I am the only one around. ;)

Gretchen is their sweet sweet german shepherd mix doggy. I don't know what all she is mixed with but she is as sweet as they come! She wishes she could be a lap dog!

They also have a cat Forrest who does his own thing mostly. Except in the middle of the night if he is outside he whines to come in, and if he is inside he decides to eat at the most ackward hours {usually right when I finally fall asleep} ;)

Today though Baby W was spoiled!!! 
She was completely doggie snuggled on both sides.

Harley is our dog on the left, and Heidi is on the right in the photo.

Days like today make sleepless nights kind of worth it ...
I said kind of ... ;)

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