Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Great Grandma Nomalee

This post will likely cause tears.

Many of you know my Grandma Nomalee has alzheimers, and it has been especially painful for my family. She is such a sweet woman, and to watch her slowly slip away is so so hard.

It is always our goal to cherish EVERY moment when we are with her and especially when she has a special memory. They don't happen nearly as often any more, but this is going to be a video I cherish and will hopefully show Aaden when he is older to prove just how much she LOVED him.

After she started singing the words without assistance, we ended up singing songs {me, Grandma Zoe, Great Grandma Nomalee, and GrandDad Jim} for a half hour.
We sang the classics like the Old Rugged Cross, and Amazing Grace.

Time after time she remembered the words ...
and there wasn't a dry eye in the living room.

Time is so precious my son.
You are little now, but I feel already like when I blink I'm missing something. Your Great Grandma Nomalee loves you so much. She light up everytime I bring you into the house in the afternoons. She loves clicking her tongue at you, and patting your legs. She tends to call you Ian ... but it is the most precious name spoken with love I've ever heard.

God willing you will get to know her lots lots more through the coming years.
Slowly she won't remember you or me ... but when that day comes, we will pull up this video {and hopefully others} and remember she loved you oh so much!!!!

I love you Grandma, and so does Aaden!
We will never ever forget you then, now and in the future. I promise you that!

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  1. What an amazing video. My Grandmother passed away from Alzheimer's a few years ago, I'm sad Brinley never got to meet her, but I keep her in our lives by singing the sweet songs she sang to me as a child.
    It's the small things in life and the memories they create.
    What an amazing post!