Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pumpkin Picking 2011

As a family we planned Aaden's first pumpkin patch visit on Sunday. It was the most perfect day with beautiful weather, a very cooperative happy Aaden, and fun for ALL. :)

waiting in line for the tractor

we made it to the pumpkins!


kissy kisses

Handsome Hubs

The GrandPuPa holding the pumpking we chose :)


I love his enthusiasm ;)

HUGE Pumpkins
Bright Sunlight

a new favorite

A's personal seat ;)

The most special men in my life :)

I think this is a framer for A's room!!

so special to me!

Which is bigger Aaden's head or the pumpkin

Eckert's Farm is such a special place to me. I remember when I was a kid going every year to pick my pumpkin. It is such an experience with the tractor ride, walking around the patch and choosing the most perfect pumpkin.

It was wonderful to share such a special tradition to me with my son. Can't wait until next year when he is a little older, and will really really enjoy it. {this year Aaden just <3ed being outside}

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