Thursday, October 20, 2011

Watson Family Ornament 2011

As I mentioned in this blog post  from the other day, Traditions are very important to me! Every since I was a little girl my Grandma bought me an ornament. They were always related to something BIG that year like a motion picture or our first school year. She had every single ornament personalized with each grandkids name and the year.

I cherish all the ornaments even more now that my grandma is too far along in her Alzheimer's to even remember she use to do it. Every year when we put up our family tree I pull each ornament out one but one and remember how precious they are to me.

Knowing how important the ornaments were to my grandma I picked up where she left off immediately. I have purchased a family ornament every year since David and I were married.

I have an awesome 1st Christmas ornament from Hawaii and several other polymer clay ornaments for the other years. I <3 them all and for different reasons.

This years ornament I especially love.
a) because it includes Aaden
b) because it is customized to look like each of us
c) it was brilliantly priced {be sure and check out Karen's website}

Isn't it the cutest???
I love the little teddy bear snuggled next to 4 month old Aaden and Harley Puppy.


I can't wait to hang it on the tree!!!!!!

I'm waiting on Aaden's First Christmas ornament to arrive, I will be sure to show you as soon as it does!! Any guesses what it is? {hehehe}

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