Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hawaii Day One

Monday November 21st was our first full day. We all including A were up super early ... like 4:00ish so we decided to not waste a single moment and went to the Pali Lookout. It has insanely beautiful views of Kaneohe Bay. We were hoping to see the sunrise, but it was behind a beautiful mountain.

None the less, gorgeous views of the bay, perfect waters, and incredibly beautiful mountains.

Hubs and Grandad

Nana and Me :)
I LOVE this photo!

It was really windy ... 

Nana and Grandad

Then Jessie took us on a tour of the base. She showed us all the usual places she hangs out, and then took us to her favorite beach spot on base Fort Hausey. Truly stunning!!!

As you can tell by all the photo prints we were all running around laughing and playing in the sand. It felt so wonderful to be spending the Holidays in Paradise!

Hubs says "Hang Loose" wearing the beads he got leid with when we landed. ;)

Beautiful flowers Hubs picked for me. 
He brought me one everyday while we were on the island.


A drive down a beautiful scenic road, I had to stop and get a family photo. There was a waterfall in the background but apparently whoever took the photo forgot to included it. haha

See, I told you there was a water fall ;)

Amazing Views from the tree we ate lunch under right on the sand

We enjoyed lunch on Waikiki Beach.
The Maui Onion Chips are AMAZING! Like, really really amazing!

The view of the Beach from the awesome tree we ate under.

gorgeous view of palm trees on our walk to Waikiki Beach for Lunch

A sporting his adorable safari style hat. :)

International Market Place in Downtown Waikiki
A wonderful place to shop :)


and then comes baby ;)

a yummy pineapple drink!

Day one went so very fast. It felt like we blinked and it was over. The Pali lookout at sunrise, tour of the Kaneohe Bay Marine Base {where Jess lives} drive through the most gorgeous roads with amazing canopy trees, lunch under the trees on the sand at Waikiki Beach, Shopping down Luxury Row and then a stop at the International Market Place for all kinds of amazing unique finds, and Dinner at the Big Kahuna a fun restaurant on Luxury Row. I didn't get any photos there because A fell asleep in my arms, but Nana did ... so I will update this post when I have them. Really good food!

Wonderful Wonderful Day!
Excited to share Tuesday with you!!

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