Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Living the "HI" Life

What can I even say??

It was the absolute trip of a lifetime with priceless memories that won't be forgotten. A's first plane ride, his first steps into the ocean, Hubs and I's first luau, and on and on and on. Then add in Aunt Jessie being our personal tour guide, and we had seriously the best Ohana Vacation ever!

While it didn't feel much like Thanksgiving ... being it was 82, sunny, and we were surrounded by ocean and palm trees ... it was a Holiday with so much to be thankful for.

Soooo ... here is the breakdown of days in a few posts with some of my favorite photos. :)


Saturday November 19th

Getting packed up. :)
Aaden was my favorite "accessory"

Aaden's very first flight.
We were headed to Seattle

Aaden was sooo happy. Such a trooper.

Sunday November 20th
Flight to Hawaii

Hanging in the SeaTac Airport waiting on our Hawaiian Flight!
All smiles for Nana

Handsome Hubs

Hawaii Bound

A's second flight ... this one to Oahu!

I can't even tell you how awesome A did. He didn't fuss but once on either flight, and it was because we had to wait an hour on the plane to Hawaii before it left the SeaTac Airport and A was ready to move. ;)

Our sweet baby you made us soo pround. Youngest baby on the planes and by far the most well behaved. You were such a trooper, and we love you oh so much for oh so many reasons!!!!!!!!

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