Sunday, November 13, 2011

Role-e Pole-e

Aaden has been rolling over since 6 weeks. {yes, this is very very very early if you are trying to figure out of this is normal} He doesn't always love doing it ... as often he is making all kinds of facing while trying to "get over"

While he loves to roll over it always seems like my camera is no where is sight while he is doing it, and by the time I grab it well, he is not in the mood to roll again, hahaha.


I finally got the photos today. Hard to believe he is such a role-e pole-e!

step one: on my tummy 

step 2: working on getting over

step 3: terror ... can I do this again???

step 4: I think I can I think I can

step 5: almost ....

step 6: DONE! {so easy Mom!}

As he rolled again I hooted and hollered {like before} because I was so excited to catch it with the camera. Then he had a total meltdown. LOL 
My screams and excitement totally confused him.


You are so loved by your mommy and daddy sweet one. We are proud of the happy bubbly boy you are becoming, and feel so honored to be your parents. 

Remember no matter what : Mommy and Daddy ALWAYS come back, and you can tell us ANYTHING and EVERYTHING.

Love you Forever and Ever!

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