Monday, December 5, 2011

Hawaii Day Five

Friday November 25

Friday like every other day on this once in a lifetime vacation was unbelievable! It was JAM PACKED with all kinds of wonderful adventures and checklists.

We started out the morning super early with breakfast on the lanai at the Base Hotel {we did this every morning, but I think this is the first I've mentioned it ... silly me!} then we went to Diamond Head and hiked all the way to the top for amazing panoramic views, enjoyed lunch on Ala Moana Beach under a huge coconut tree, walked around Luxury Row again looking at the shops we missed the other day, decided to enjoy drinks and snacks at Duke's {an amazing establishment right on the beach with amazing food!}, enjoyed another stunning sunset, and then watched the Waikiki Holiday Parade ... where we saw local High School O'Fallon Band in the parade. 

Ahhh ... WhAT A DAY!!!!!!
Enjoy the photos!

Beautiful Diamond Head

Still can't believe we hiked it!!!!! :)

How the Stairs worked up the volcano.

Crazy Tunnel you have to go through ...
 We made it!!!!!
18,000 feet and 271 steps!


The house Hubs and I are going to buy 

Amazing Lighthouse

My Daddy 

Totally Gorgeous!

Views of the walking trail up to the volcano

At the bottom of the volcano we got yummy Shaved Ice!

A slept the whole way up the volcano, and the whole way down.
He would of slept through the shaved ice too if we didn't wake him for a diaper change.

Rainbow Flavored
Coconut, Strawberry, and Pineapple

All of us enjoying

Lunch on the beach

Gorgeous views at lunch

Enjoying lunch under the coconut trees!

A was fast asleep at Duke's too.
Sleepy Baby boy .... we ram him ragged and he was THE BEST BABY EVER!

yummy virgin Pina Colada with Strawberry
{I had to feed A soon, or it would of be alcoholic, LOL}

Mommy and her Pina Colada

David's Tropical Itch
It was delicious!

Amazing Sunset outside Duke's

sweet little love

Orange Glow of the sunset ... <3 my men!

Awesome photo of Nana and Grandad

Believe it or not it was still more gorgeous in person!

blurry but still a favorite

Mommy and her man

A liked the ocean a lot more tonight!!!!!
He only got his feet in a wee little bit

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