Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hawaii Day Three

Wednesday November 26th

Another truly amazing day in Oahu!!!
We spent the morning at the truly awe-inspiring Pearl Harbor Museums and Memorial, ate yummy hot dogs for lunch, drove the stunning Kalanianaole highway with views I will never ever forget, watched an amazing sunset over the mountains, had dinner at Kahunas on the base where Jess lives, and then had drinks with Hubs for a mini-date once A was down for the night. It was a day I will never ever forget.

We're here!

USS Arizona Memorial

waiting to take our fairy ride to the Memorial

stunning tribute to way too many lives lost

beautiful names tribute

parts of the USS Arizona you can see from the Memorial

Still leaking oil almost 70 years since the attack

Daddy and A

boys and their toys! ;)

He loves Aunt Jessie!

A was in the car ... it was really really really windy!

beautiful in photos ... stunning in person

Favorite Family Photo

Absolutely amazing sunset


  1. I love the family picture with the sunset! I have never seen a more beautiful sunset than the ones I saw in Hawaii!
    Absolutely stunning!