Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Air Show

Over the weekend we took Aaden to the very fun air show at Scott Air Force Base. The Thunderbirds, the Air Force's elite flyers, were doing a special show.

Aaden is into transportation these days. He loves everything that moves fast. :) 
He is constantly pointing out cars {tars} trucks {ucks} and planes {anes} anytime he sees them, so we decided ... why not!

I was very very very nervous about the sound being too much, and Mama was right. The loudness of the planes was not at all fun to him. Our brave little guy never cried but he would snuggle on our chest and close his eyes while the planes flew over. Mommy and Daddy held him close, snuggled him tight, and covered his ears. 

We thought he was very brave. Livi was highly confused by all the noise too. She was going crazy in my belly ... probably the most I have felt her throughout this pregnancy.

In a few years we will go back! Probably not next year as Livi will be too little then. :)
Hope you enjoy the photos. :)

Goodness so I love this little man!

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