Sunday, September 23, 2012

Office Makeover!!

Our home is a quaint little 3 bedroom with way to much stuff crammed into to tight of walls, but it is overflowing with love. It is our home! The home where we brought home our first baby, and now the place where we will bring home our second baby.

So, the "not-often-used" kitchen appliances in the hall closet, and pantry items in the garage shelving unit are just part of the package. Truth is, I am blessed.

I am blessed with an amazing Godly husband, space to raise my beautiful children, food to eat, water to drink, family that care understands and reaches out to help, and LOVE. Loads and loads of love.

What more could a woman want????

When we learned we were pregnant with Olivia, I always knew my office would become her bedroom. It just makes sense. So now my office is being uprooted into the living room. It makes for an interesting setup of a lot of furniture, but it will be fully functioning. Praise the Lord for his goodness!!!

Here are a few pictures, GASP!

The beginnings of moving everything off the shelves, moving the shelving unit before the good got put back on said shelf.  :) Yes, it is a crazy mess, but from this mess will be a masterpiece, thus why I'm okay with showing it off right now.

In the next few days everything on the floor will go back into the bookshelf we moved into the living room, and the other bookshelf will be moved ... somewhere ;)

A nursery for our precious daughter is only a week away ... Than You Lord!

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