Thursday, September 20, 2012

Celebrating Hubs and Daddy

To My Love:

4 years married, 10 years together! WOW! What an adventure our lives have been! You are my inspiration, my "happy place", the Godly example in our house, the love of my life, and the best darn Daddy. I couldn't of dreamed up a better fit for our family.

Thanks for making me a better friend, daughter, wife and mother! Thanks for being the rock of our family. Thanks for working so hard to provide for us, for always being the best hug giver, and for never being too busy to spend time with us.

Hard to believe in 4 years we created one amazing little boy and have another beautiful baby on the way. I can't wait to see what the next 60 years bring. :)

I love you so!!!


I uploaded these photos in order, but they changed when being posted to blogger. Don't know why. Anyways, here is a VERY SMALL look into the last 10 years of our lives together ...

Happy Happy Day!
Aaden's Dedication!

college sweet<3s
so young!

Our first photo taken EVER during the summer we met at the Belleville Pool.
I was going to be a senior in HighSchool and David was starting his sophmore year at Southwest Baptist University.

At our dear friends The Becker's Wedding

My first vacation with his family to Washington State.

Wedding Day!

In the bed we purchased together in our first home.

I was preggo with Aaden

On our way to the hospital to find out if Aaden was a boy or a girl!

Baby Shower

Family Time in Mackinaw Island

apple picking
summer 2012

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