Friday, October 19, 2012

Butternut Squash

holy moly!!!!!

Time is sure flying and David and I are seriously seriously excited about meeting our precious daughter.

Livi is the size of a butternut squash and weighing 2 1/2 to 3 pounds! She is about 15 inches long and her brain is developing by leaps and bounds!!! Lately I feel Livi lots and lots throughout the day. She is moving a ton, kicking, punching, stretching, and quite a bit more active then she has been prior to now. Like the true darling she is, I feel her A TON when I'm resting. Either relaxing on the couch or laying down. ;) I always look forward to snuggling up with Hubs at night and listening to him tell her sweet stories of his day, or try and get her to "kick kick kick." My heart is over flowing with love ... what a problem right??

Olivia already loves her big brother. I can tell because all it takes is his little squeals to get her dancing! I simply cannot wait to introduce them to each other!!

I'm still craving unconventional things for my "normal life." Anything sour, apples, and lemonade are high on the list. The biggest differences from this pregnancy with Olivia and my pregnancy with Aaden is back pain, heartburn, and exhaustion. I had no heartburn with Aaden, very little back pain, and the exhaustion seemed to get better with A not worth.

But despite all the differences, I am simply over the moon with love, joy, peace, faithfulness, and blessings.

Nothing by LIVI LOVE here!


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