Sunday, October 28, 2012

Aaden helping paint Livi's room!

Today was the BIG BIG BIG MAJOR transformation in Olivia's room. Oh my goodness it is the coolest cutest room I have ever seen! I am absolutely in love with it, and it isn't even finished yet. :)

Totally doesn't matter, seeing it makes me a little weepy.
For real. 
It means what I've always wanted is coming true before my eyes!!!!

An amazing God-fearing Husband who treats me like a queen even when I don't deserve it, cute little yorkie puppy, amazing bright little man, and growing healthy baby girl.

I cannot believe all my blessings.
Thank you Lord, I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!


Part of the MAJOR transformation in Livi's room involved a little more paint.
My favorite part, letting Aaden have at it.

We gave the little man a brush, and in true artistic style, he went for it!
Painted the wall some, his head, the drop cloth, his stomach, his hands, and even a little on Nana.
His face was priceless, so proud of himself. I hated covering it up ... but cover it we did ...


I needed a few pictures first!!!

Oh my sweet boy, you are truly amazing.
Thank you for helping us in your sister's room. Someday when she sees all the pictures I took she will know her room has been a labor of love for all involved.

Of course after painting we must have an unexpected afternoon bath.



What an amazing day.
Thank you family for all your hard work.


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