Monday, October 29, 2012

Pumpkin Pickin' & Paintin'

On Saturday we took Aaden to the pumpkin patch with Gpa & Gma and Nana & Grandad.
We rode the wagon out to the patch, walked around searching for the perfect pumpkin, and of course Aaden found the perfect family one.


Grandad actually found the perfect Aaden size pumpkin.

I want this one Mom!

Little Packer Cutie!!

looking at all the gourds. 
They had them stacked up in a wagon out in the field. 

Perfect Photo Opportunity

With our family pumpkin, Aaden's pumpkin, and our darling boy pumpkin.


So tonight, after David's School Seminar we let Aaden paint his pumpkin so we can put it on the front porch tomorrow.

I made the paint {easy peasy!} to ensure if he decided he wanted to eat it ... well he could!
Using the muffin tin worked out perfectly!

Aaden really really liked just mixing the colors and mixing them together at first.

starting to paint on the pumpkin a little

getting a spoon involved.

quite the talented pumpkin artist!!!

 The final masterpiece!!!

What fun!
Hubs said it was "stupid" ... but Aaden liked it, and Mommy had fun!!!!

That is all that matters right?

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