Friday, November 2, 2012

A Month of Thanks! -- Day 2

Yes, Coke.
My complete and total addiction.

It is strong, and smooth, and oh so delicious. Without it I would be the worlds worst pregnant woman. LOL Caffeine does this Mamas heart good ... word! ;)

Speaking of my pregnancy ...

Hubs and I had our 31 week ultras sound today! Olivia is growing perfectly. We got to see her blood circulation, brain waves, bones, heart beat, hands and feet ... and of course the perfect face! She is beyond the most beautiful little girl we have ever seen, and we cannot wait to meet her!!!!! Like her brother, she is weighing big at 4lbs 11oz. already. This is double what the average baby weighs at 31 weeks. :)

In 5 weeks we will meet with a prenatal specialist just to verify everything is still going great and we will see from there.

ALL I KNOW ... We cannot wait to meet our precious baby girl!!!

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