Monday, November 12, 2012

Happy Feet

Aaden absolutely LOVED having Livi's room completely empty.
He took full advantage of the extra space and wanted to play in there ALL THE TIME.

One of the adorable things he started was the Happy Feet Dance, where he basically moved his feet in a running position, and laughed at the echoing noises the room made. It was especially adorable when he would get the rest of us doing it with him.


I sure do love that little man.

I have an adorable video I can't wait to post ... but I can't post it yet because it would reveal too much of sweet Olivia's room. ;)

BUT ...

because I'm awesome I did get a few photos for you.  ;)

Pure excitement! 

And to prove that Livi's furniture did get together ... just a quick photo.


On a much much much more somber note.

Yesterday at some point and time during the day while my parents were over at my house helping put Livi's furniture together, their house was broken in to.

The thieves did some damage, and got away with a few things including their car. They have been told the car is found but have yet to learn the damage. Please say a special prayer for peace of mind and that God's Will would be done it the whole process.

However in the storm there is MUCH to be thankful for ...

1. My parents weren't home & no one was hurt
2. They could of taken a WHOLE lot more then what they did

3. God is still God!!!!

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