Tuesday, November 20, 2012

David's 30!!!!!!!!!

This post is a few days late, but I think I'm still recouping from the crazy weekend behind me. ;)
My sweet hubs turned 30 on Sunday!!

He is an amazing Husband, Father, Son, Brother, Friend  to many, and it was important to me to let him know just how much he is appreciated and special to me!

We started the fun with a dinner Friday night for David's parents and brother. :)
I made a few of David's favorite things ...

a) Aussie Chicken -- the most amazing gut-busting recipe ever!!
b) Lambert's Copycat Rolls Recipe -- didn't turn out like Lambert's ... but they were still good.
c) Roasted Brussels Sprouts -- amazing! so so so good!!!! Hubs hates brussels sprouts, but loves these!

Dinner was good, and the company was great!

Dessert was Hubs favorite, yellow cake with chocolate frosting.
Aaden put the sprinkles on. ;)

Happy Birthday Sweet Hubs!!!!!!


Then Saturday I planned a surprise party for Hubs. Our sweet friends the Becker's were lifesavers. Jeremy occupied David for several hours, and Carol came over and helped me clean, and cook. Without her I think I would of ended up in a ball on the floor crying! FOR REAL!!!!

The Theme was Beer Tasting and Poker. 


It turned out. my Uncle Bruce provided the beer and I made lots of yummy bar style food 

- beer cheddar soup
- bratwurst bites
- nacho bar
- tabasco popcorn
- mixed nuts
- chex mix
- cheddar cheese spread
- buffalo chicken dip

and knowing me, there is probably a few things I'm forgetting.

The party was a SURPRISE, and I succeeded in surprising him ... YAY!

Wearing his Master Jedi pin from the Pritchett's.

Jeremy & Carol
Such awesome friends!!!!

The Pritchett's!!! 

Maryl & Ryan
<3 these two!

Ben & JoyLynn Kondracki

The Birthday Boy with good friends Adam and Greg!

Happy Hubs Happy Wife!
33 weeks preggo

I think he is enjoying himself!
<3 that smile!!!!


Playing poker

Singing Happy Birthday with his virtual candle!
Silly me I remember candles for Friday night, but not Saturday night.



Dear Hubs!

You are my very best friend! I can hardly believe we have been together ten years, married 4, and have an amazing son and sweet little girl on the way. You make everyday worth enjoying. I am a happier person with you in my life. 

30 is just a number. To me you will ALWAYS be the hot lifeguard at the Belleville Pool. ;) I can't wait for many more birthdays and memories.




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