Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Good Laugh

Not a whole lot new in the world of Baby W. Still taking the medicine, and still only getting sick once a day. :) I'm slowly eating more solid foods, and it is a real treat. {LOL}

This week, I can't get enough of oreo cookies!! Seriously, I want them every morning for breakfast. Hubs didn't like me just eating oreos though ... so, I have to have something else with it. :) This morning I had a yummy plate of strawberries, blueberries, and oreos.

Here are a few pictures that make me laugh. Last week we went with Grandma and Grandpa Watson to Lotawata Creek for dinner. I ordered a simple order of mashes potatoes with gravy ... it was yum.

Hubs however ordered a mammoth burger, and I'm not kidding!!!

Even our waiter was shocked he was able to eat it like an actual sandwich stating that most people take it apart. Hubs was very proud of himself! :)

He didn't eat the whole thing, but he certainly ate half ... we will milk it up to sympathy eating. {LOL}

How far along? 13 weeks 3 days

Cravings: OREO COOKIES!!!!!!!!!
Biggest Moment: getting closer and closer to moving :)
Movements: nothing yet ... I simply cannot wait!
What I'm looking forward to: VACATION! I bought a belly band so I can wear jeans and not sweatpants the whole trip. LOL
Baby's Milestones: Babys body is starting to catch up and grow more proportional to his/her head. Baby's motor skills are starting to work and baby is able to move and flex the arms and legs ... but I won't be able to feel the movement until a little later.

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