Tuesday, February 1, 2011

In Remembrance

To My Precious Baby:

You are loved beyond words, and thought of every second of every day. Your daddy and I are so busy planning for your arrival into this big world. We talk about you nonstop and dream about your eyes and hair and even your nose shape. We love you so much already!

Please remember our darling, that family is so so important. Every single person. From your siblings to your great great great uncles, all are so special and unique.

You lost your great great great Uncle Bob today. Just a few hours ago actually, and the truth is I know without a shadow a doubt he loved you even though he never met you ... because, that is the kind of man he was. Someone with a contagious smile, and a heart three sizes too big!! I'm sorry you will never have a chance to meet him on this earth precious one, but your Daddy and I desire for you to grow up in knowledge and stature of the Lord. And then someday, someday you will meet your great, fun, funny, eclectic, stubborn, Great Great Great Uncle Bob.

Until then ... you should know:
- He loved the Lord!!!!!
- He loved airplanes & could spend hours looking at them
- He loved your Great Great Great Aunt Louise very much
- He was so so soooo funny!!

In August, when asked to smile for a picture he said "Here, get my best side!"

- He was a fabulous father, grandfather, uncle, friend etc etc etc to so so many.
- He could "pull" his thumb right off his hand!!!
- He told stories with his hands & shoke his head in disgust over issues
- His smile could light a dark alley

Such a kind man!!

- His laugh alone could make you start laughing
- He pulled my pants down at Lake Michigan when I was just a little girl by spinning me in circles. ;)
- He was sooo goofy!!!!!!!!!

I don't remember what he was doing, but his eyes look mischievous!!!


taking a picture while getting his picture taking.

- Your mommy loves him & will miss him very much!!!

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  1. Christina This is just beatuiful!! Unlce Bob was a great guy and he loved you and Jessica so much. We will all miss him.

    Baby W My heart breaks knowing you will never get to meet your Uncle Bob, this side of heaven. Know that he loved you so much and was very excited to meet you.

    Mom/Grandma Holschen