Monday, April 18, 2011

Shopping, Painting, and Party

Maryl and I are shopping buddies these days!!! :)

We go all around town and talk about baby bedding or bathroom colors or well everything!! It is oh so much fun to have such a good friend so close!

Friday we had lunch at McAllister's, went to Pier One Imports, Babies R Us, and Target. :) I always avoid Pier One Imports like the plague because every time I get in that store I fall in love with something!!

Well, this time was no different. Just look at these PLATES!!!! I can see us eating dinner on them in our red kitchen!!!! {{SIGH}}

But enough drooling ... I will buy a little here and there, and maybe before Christmas I will own a whole set. ;)

Saturday was spent at the house painting. :)
It is getting so close to moving in I can taste it!

Kitchen Before ...

Kitchen in progress! :)

terrible 70s brick wall before ...

In progress ... :)

hallway is slowly getting painted too!!!
{the red wall on the end was an ooops!}

Everything is really coming along nicely.
I am so darn excited I can't even stand it!!!!!!

Saturday night we celebrated my sweet cousin Lillie's first birthday, and what a doll baby she is!

Miya and Khaleb were there too, and MAN aren't they silly!!!
They got messier then Lillie!!!! ;)

Hard to believe Lillie is one, and in only 2 weeks I will be in my third trimester! 
Aaden will be here literally before we know it! 

We're sooo excited to see him!

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