Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Very Busy Weekend -- Friday

I have had the most wonderful few days. :)


Friday was a day full of good food, a good friend, and SHOPPING!!!!! Seriously, some of my very favorite things!!

Baby W and I started the day off with a lovely breakfast at Bread Co with my girl pal Maryl.

I enjoyed a chocolate chip muffie (just the muffin top) and a wild berry smoothie.

Seriously, YUM. I wish everyday could start with that kind of a divine breakfast. :) Then, we were two shopping buddies on a mission!!!! We were looking for the best looking, and most economical curtains or rugs for the new house!

We went to lots of locations ... World Market, Ashley Furniture, Old Time Pottery, and Weekends Only.  World Market was our first stop, and I saw these curtains, and I was SERIOUSLY in love.

I thought they were fun, funky, fresh and totally perfect for our space.

I envisioned them with the gold walls and dark brown highlights. Then, with more shopping, I changed my mind. LOL

At Weekends Only we found the MOST AMAZING rug. I mean for real, it is totally a perfect compromise of David and I's very different styles. It is soft, perfect for Baby to crawl around on eventually, unique, with really fun colors, and it didn't take me long to envision it in our space.


We ended our A+ day of shopping with a lunch stop at Imos Pizza. YUMMO. I love their salads, but for real, Baby loves them even more!!!! :)

Friday night we were blessed to go to the Blues Hockey Game.

Blues and Flames Warming Up

David getting excited for the game to begin

Anxiously awaiting my hotdog ;)

Yum, seriously yum. Nothing better then a good stadium hotdog ... although Busch Stadiums are better. LOL

The best part of the game was Baby W moving. Seriously the baby either loved or hated all the noise. Every time it would get loud I could feel her movin' and groovin'. I was beginning to think Baby was trying to kick or wiggle or twitch her way out of my belly!! It was awesome!!!

The game rocked, even thought the Blues lost. :(

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