Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Special Delivery

David was off yesterday for his Easter Break.
{I think they call it Spring Holiday, but I will call it what it is :)}

We had to take a ride out to Sunset Hills to buy paper and envelopes from my favorite store, and when we returned we opened the door to the apartment to find a special delivery addressed to:

Our sweet baby Aaden. David and I smiled BIG, and wondered who it was from. David noticed it said from the NFL shop and said "Well, it is either from your Uncles and I'm not going to like what is inside, or it is from my Dad and I'm going to love what is inside ... but if I had to guess it is from the sooner ..."

So we opened up the box to find it was from my uncles!!
Just a little background information ... my Uncles are super duper lifelong die-hard Dallas Cowboy Fans! You all know how much David loves the Packers, well, they equally LOVE their Dallas Cowboys!

David was a little leary to open the package ... he knew what was coming ...

If you can't tell by the picture ... David's face was priceless.
We won't ever admit this to my Uncles {LOL ... even though they read the blog I think. Hi Uncle Bruce and Uncle Jerry} but we laughed and laughed!!!! 

Poor Aaden he is going to be one confused little guy with football.

Between Daddy and Grandpa Watson's love for the Packers ...
My Uncles and their love for the Cowboys ...
and Grandpa Holschen's desire to make him a Rams Fan just to annoy Daddy well ...

Maybe he will just be an artist. :)
Mommy would be okay with that!!!!!!!

Thanks Uncle Bruce and Uncle Jerry. We love you, and even though Aaden will only wear your shirt when he is getting dirty {Daddy's words} we are so super thankful for you!

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