Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bibs :)

I have been waiting to show you all some of the things I can't help but laugh at. 
Aaden is going to be one awesome lil' man thanks to such wonderful people in his life. :)

I <3 that as a little man we can make people laugh and coo based on what he wears.
WHAT POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha

So, here are a few of my favorite bibs I CANNOT WAIT for him to wear.
{So sorry, I don't remember where they all came from, but if you got it for him, feel free to remind me!!}

embroidered from David's friend Katie at the pool

From Ryan & Maryl Pritchett
They even had it monogrammed with an "A"

cross-stitched from Aunt Suzy

I got this at my shower!
I <3 the sweet puppy and can only imagine how SLOPPY of a kisser A will be.

Made by Mommy :)
I just think it is so darn cute!

From my Cousin Kelly and her boyfriend Alex
Is this the truth or what????
Thank you!

From Danielle and her baby girl Brinley
We all know this is going to be true from my baby boy!

From Grandma & Grandpa Holschen

Which is your favorite??

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