Saturday, August 13, 2011

Nursery!!!! Part 1 of several ... ;)

Alright, Aaden's nursery is COMPLETE!!!!!! {well okay, I have 2 lamp shades to buy & to hang his mobile ... but that pretty much means it's done, right???}

SOOO ... lets start with the inspiration for the whole room. :)

I fell in <3 with the organic elephant bedding at Pottery Barn Kids and based his whole room off of the colors and simple pattern in the bedding. It was a splurge, but I'm so happy we got exactly what we wanted!!! Hubs and I were able to buy the bedding and many other baby necessities by the HUGE yard sale we had back in June. {Thanks to everyone who came out and supported us!!!}

We actually put the bedding on awhile ago, and it has been hard keeping it under wraps. :) BUT HERE GOES!!!!!!!

Your first views of Aaden's Nursery with many many more posts to come ... I promise.

Getting ready to dress the bed :)

Yep, I'm sooo excited. 
I am holding the adorable crib sheeting. :)

Harley was of course right at our feet watching everything we were doing. 

Mom and Dad dressing the bed.
I love love love the crib sheets sooo much.

The bumper. 
Well ... a small piece of the bumper. 

Showing off my favorite part, the quilt!
It showcases polka dots, gingham and browns, beiges, green, and yellows.

Daddy holding the pillow that sits on our glider.
I'm going to get it embroidered with Aaden's name eventually. :)

Daddy showing off the finished bedding.

isn't it perfect???
I cannot wait to put him inside!!!!!

Come on already sweet boy ... WE ARE READY!!!!