Friday, August 19, 2011

Nursery Part 6 of Several :) "How will you know it's Aaden's Room?"

Aaden's room is full of very very special things to me.
Two quilts had stitched {crocheted} from very special women in my life, a teddy bear ceramic my Mom painted and gave to me when I was a little girl, a brand new personalized elephant bank, and many many more priceless pieces. {a post of those later today if I can get some photos}

Today though, I want to show you the thing that will forever {or at least as long as I have a say ... haha} be on the outside of Aaden's door.

This is one of the most priceless items.
It is a handsewn felt elephant from my very best friend Suzy.

It was a complete surprise, and totally totally irreplaceable in my mind.

We found the perfect place for him.
Outside the nursery door. :)

He happily welcomes everyone to open up and see the inside.

Thank you Aunt Suzy for making the perfect piece to let everyone know
"This is Aaden's Room"

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