Saturday, August 13, 2011

Nursery Part 2 of Several :) "The Walls"

From the VERY beginning ...

This is Aaden's nursery room before we did anything to it.
As you can tell it has AMAZING lighting with two BIG windows.
Believe it or not the walls are suppose to be white, but it had been so long since they were painted it was a really "dirty" looking white.

We chose a cappacino color for the walls which you can see pretty well in this picture.
Then, Grandpa Jim measured stripes around the whole room. 
He and I put tape up to make painting easier.

And then Mom, Hubs, & I used a Hemp Color to paint the stripes.

Once we took down the tape, we were left with these awesome stripes. :)
I love the contrast of color.

So then I set out hand drawing all the elephants within the biggest stripe.

Next was painting. This is the beginning stages with lots more color & shading to go!
Mom & I did most of the painting, but Hubs helped too!

Here is a little more detail on the elephants and birds you can see.
AND I made a template of a leaf pattern for the small stripes. It matches the bedding, and made it really easy for Daddy to help.



All the sweet little ele's up close


I adore the elephants, and think they make the SWEETEST addition to A's nursery.
Can't wait to show you more!!!!!!!

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