Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Nursery Part 4 of Several :) "More Paintings"

I knew I wanted lots of elephants all around the nursery, but I also knew from the very very beginning I wanted a tree too. The quilt we chose has adorable trees and birds on it too, so I wanted that to be on the walls as well.

So, I decided I wanted the tree to be in a corner, and there was really only one corner that worked with the furniture. :) Easy way to make a decision. 

I drew the general look first, then painted the trunk brown, painted the leaves a general green, and went back and added lots of shading to the leaves. Last I added the sweet little birds.

Trunk done ... that is my hand painting the green leaves.

9 months preggo painting in a dress.
Isn't this normal??? ;)

Final steps ... add some shelves.
My plan was for the shelves to look like branches.
Hubs and I found the shelves at Target and couldn't believe what a close color match they were.


The plan is to put little knick-knacks and sweet photos on the shelves ...but more on that later.


  1. U r so creative, Chrissy! Now everyone will hire u to paint their nursery walls!

  2. hehe! Thanks Tammi! I'm ready for the work ... it has been SOOO much fun!!!!!!!! :)